Monday, August 25, 2014

the cake tasting went well, and I never even blogged about it!

Now, it's been weeks since the wedding and I finally and making time to talk about it

It was a lot of work. 


I can tell you now that there were several sleepless nights. I kind of think I didn't sleep at all
during my entire Fresno stay.

They "the internet" said that I should expect and plan for ANYTHING to go wrong
and so I did, and when I made those mistakes I was able to not loose my cool.

even that time I didn't realize I had forgotten to add eggs untill AFTER i pulled 
a cake out of the oven. all these things were fixable because I was anticipating them.

It was my first time ever doing something at this scale and the 14 inch cake layers really really scared me, 
but in the end everything came together. 

I did learn a few valuable lessons and there are a couple things I would do differently 
next time, but I feel like it was a success and I would do it again.


the finished product was a three tiered cake.

the top was a 6" chocolate cake with raspberry filling
the middle tier was a 10" white cake with lemon curd filling
The bottom tier was a 14" white cake with raspberry preserve filling

 it was covered in white Swiss meringue butter cream frosting. We made small fondant sunflowers
 that sat on the top tier, we pressed coconut chips onto the sides of the middle tier, and the bottom tier was 
adorned with a brown burlap ribbon. 
it all came together so nicely.

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